Tuesday, May 8, 2007

To Be A Saint

I have a little daughter who is presenting herself as quite a challenge lately. I suspect she will continue to be a challenge as her basic mode of being is to challenge me! A friend who has taught pre-school for thirty years described my daughter as the most independent child she has ever met! Needless to say, sometimes said child and I have "moments." I have developed a mantra that helps get through these trying times with her, and with any of my challenge presenting children. It goes, "I want her to be a saint, I want her to be a saint, I want her to be a saint," said as many times in succession as necessary. First of all, this mantra is a good replacement for other, sometimes anger generated thoughts and words that are decidedly less "holy." It also allows me to see beyond the present moment. Repeating the phrase, I want her to be a saint, allows me to clearly see my outstanding goal in all of the muck in front of me.

The Gospel of Matthew states, "For what will it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and forfeits his life?" What will it profit my daughter for me to stubbornly insist on winning our present battle, to angrily discipline, or to act impatiently? I may "win" the battle, but loose her heart. My goal is her heart, her soul, lead to Jesus, brought to sainthood, for eternal joy in heaven. I want her to be a saint; I want my every word and every touch to help lead my children to sainthood, not to be a hindrance. I want to be a saint, I want to be as Christ to my children. God, help me!

Peace, Hope