Friday, May 11, 2007

The Daily Chalkboard

A crucial part of organizing this busy family is my chalkboard, hung prominently in the kitchen. Each day calls family members to varying activities; we have choir, book club, dance, soccer (5 teams), piano, guitar, alter serving, Boy Scouts, volunteer work, babysitting, lawn mowing jobs, CCD and more! Each evening I write the next days activities on the board with their times. At the top of the chalkboard I write the date. I also may include any other special things about the day: a birthday or anniversary, or the Feast Day or Saint's Day. It is also fun to add some cute relevant pictures and write with colored chalk. After having done this for years, the children have internalized what happens when, and have learned to check the board for what to be prepared for the next day. Another bonus is that having the commitments of the day posted so obviously eliminates my having to nag and remind ( somewhat ; ) .

Peace, Hope