Thursday, July 19, 2007

How to Clean the Kitchen

I have mentioned before all the lists I have for the children that are hung strategically through the house. I decorate them with a little clip art and laminate them, so they do look decent. The lists serve as reminders to the children for what or how they are to do things. Below is the list hung in my kitchen.

How to Clean the Kitchen

Before Meals:

Help prepare meals as necessary
Empty dishwasher if needed
Set table with plates, napkins, utensils, and glasses
Fill glasses with water
Set out vitamins at breakfast

After Meals:

Clear table
Rinse dishes
Load dishwasher
Put food away, wipe off jars
Wash and dry items that need hand washing
Clean off highchair
Wipe table, chairs, counters and stove
Wipe out microwave
Rinse out sponges and dishcloths
Hang dishcloths and towels
Rinse out sink and run disposal
Start dishwasher if needed
Sweep floor

Additional jobs in evening: trash needs taken out and dishcloths taken to laundry.

Peace, Hope