Friday, June 1, 2007

Ready or Not, Here High School Comes!

I am reading this link on homeschooling through high school, and I can’t believe we start high school here next year; my oldest starts ninth grade, and my second oldest is right on his heels. It truly seems like yesterday that my three oldest were all littles, spending our homeschooling days reading together and doing silly experiments and investigating the outdoors. I guess some families continue with this sort of laid back lifestyle in high school, but for us high school will be much more structured, much more structured. Whew, we’ll see if I’m ready for this. I used to be sort of cavalier about it all -- thinking that, of course, we’d homeschool through high school – easy. Hmm, I’m not so confident now. Not that I don’t believe that God calls us to homeschool, I do; and not that I don’t feel our home is the best place for my kids to learn, it is …..It’s just that sometimes I wonder if I’m really up to this challenge. I mean, it really counts now, you know?

We investigated all of our educational options, prayed, asked questions, prayed some more, and decided to continue homeschooling through high school. What I was once so sure of, I had to pray for peace about. That peace is coming to me now, especially over the last few weeks as we prepared our curriculum for next year, and my student in question turned 14. FOURTEEN! Wasn’t he just four?

I am so proud of my son. Over the last year he has grown taller, then even taller! His voice has dropped an octave, his face started breaking out, and he decided to grow his hair long. He adores his little sisters; he is a gentleman; he works hard and studies hard. He is thinking seriously about the priesthood and is now making getting into the Naval Academy his primary academic goal. He doesn’t spend all his time on his i-pod or instant messaging or gaming or have a “my space” page. He cuts the neighbors grass, works towards his Boy Scout Eagle rank, plays his guitar, and kicks the soccer ball with his friends. He just started his first real job. He's really cute too! No, he is not perfect; I am well aware of that, but he is a great kid!

Amidst all the struggles, I really think that all these years of homeschooling have been worth it, and I am willing to commit to continuing this gift to my children through high school. Thank you, Lord!

Peace, Hope