Saturday, April 21, 2007

Kill Your Television

Television Turn-off Week begins this Monday! It runs from April 23 thru 29. Check out Honestly, this is a great website; take some time looking through it. I highly recommend a weekend meeting with your family to discuss shutting down the TVs for a week, make a plan!

Back in my more radical days I drove a car with a bumper sticker that read, "Kill your television." Actually, if I had to put an anti-tv sticker on my car today it might read something like, "Television is Killing America." It would be difficult to make an argument that there is any source more influential than television on modern America. Television influences our eating habits by marketing the infamously unhealthy diet of most Americans. Television viewers, lulled into passivity, spend hours being unproductive. Further, according to abundant research, habitual viewing negatively impacts a person's basic outlook and sensibilities, predisposes one to violence and hyperactivity, lowers IQ, decreases reading ability, reduces imagination, inhibits play, limits critical thinking, diminishes self-image, negatively skews our perception of others, and lowers our values in general. Television harms our health, our minds, and our relationships. With all this in mind, do yourself a favor and turn off your TV for ONE WEEK, and then FOREVER. Why wouldn't you?

Peace, Hope